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Aerial photos of Estonia

Boat on the river

Aerial photos of Estonian properties, ports and landscapes.

There is certain amount of fatality included in my addiction toward aerial photography - as soon as I got my feet back on the ground from the first photo flight in 2002, I was anxiously waiting for the next take-off and shooting.

The sooner this "next take-off" happens, the better. And so I'm very glad for customers who would be interested in different spheres of aerial photography in Estonia. And why not elsewhere!

Aerials taken from estates - factories, ports, cottages, farms, countryseats et cetera - would give you an unique chance to see familiar places in a very different viewpoint.

Those aerials are very valuable in all corporate materials, from websites to newspapers, but they are also very attractive on the walls when printed in an large scale format, for example in company's interior design.  

And I guarantee - You'd make an impression.

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