Maastik lehmaga | Landscape with a cow

Mõne pildi puhul ei olegi midagi lisada, mõni ongi lihtsalt selline. | There is nothing to add about the picture. It is just like it is.

Eelmine Pealelöök | Hitting the ball
Järgmine Taevaskoja, Ahja jõgi ja Lonny | Taevaskoja, Ahja river and Lonny

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  1. Dan, these phhptgraoos from all your weddings are stunning. You're doing such amazing work! I hope 2010 brings you many more beautiful souls to meet.

  2. yes, Ohio did it.And, the Brothas and Sistas did it. fact…Black folks came out in larger numbers in 2012.IF they had come out in the same numbers as 2008,Romney would have won Ohio.Thank you, Black folks.

  3. How exciting, I'm curious to know what this amazing project is! Glad to hear you're so thrilled with it. And your journal pages are something I've always loved. How come we haven't seen your journal so far this year? I miss them!?